Transforming Lives in the Middle East

Mid East Charities is a secular, inter-faith nonprofit that helps all people in the Middle East and North Africa, regardless of their religious or ethnic background. Through our main four services, our community works together to feed the the hungry, clothe the poor, and heal the sick.

Over 2,000 Schools Funded

Sponsor a Family Program

What makes Mid East Charity different is that as the donor, you don’t just give your money and wonder what happened to it. Instead, through our Sponsor a Family program, you are empowered to choose the people you want to help. As the family’s helper, you will get to stay with the family for many years and be a witness on their journey to getting out of poverty and into a successful and happy life- all because of you. 

When you sponsor a family through Mid East Charities, families will receive the following services based on their unique needs: 


It is no secret that families in the Middle East are starving. Even the cost of bread (synonoyums with the word for “life” in Egyptian Arabic), is astronomical. This leaves even the most basic of food staples unattainable for anyone but the very well-to-do. Similar to the U.S.’s EBT model, Mid East Charity solves this problem by partnering with locally-based grocery stores to pre-pay for the cost of food in the form of gift cards. These gift cards are then distributed to families who  are now empowered to shop on their own accord and choose their own food. Importantly, rather than making them feel poor, this model means that the choice is with them, thereby preserving their sense of dignity and self-reliance.

Medical Services

Mid East Charity is dedicated to improving the lives of those in need, and one of our most critical programs is providing financial assistance to families in the Middle East struggling to pay for medical care. We understand that a serious illness or injury can mean financial ruin for these families, and we believe that access to medical treatment should not be determined by one’s financial means. Our program works with local healthcare providers to identify families in need and offers them the necessary financial support to cover the costs of medical treatment. By providing this support, we are ensuring that everyone in the Middle East has access to the medical care they deserve.

Debtor’s Prison

At Mid East Charity, we’re committed to promoting justice and equality in the Middle East. One of the ways we do this is through our program that provides financial support to individuals who have been jailed for debt. Unfortunately, in some countries in the region, people can still be imprisoned for being unable to pay their debts, even if the debt is minor. This creates a vicious cycle of poverty and incarceration. That’s where we come in. Our program offers a lifeline to those in debtors prison, helping them pay off their obligations and secure their release. By doing this, we’re helping to break the cycle of poverty and promoting a fair and just society for all.

Education Subsidies

At our Mid East Charity, we’re passionate about empowering the next generation in the Middle East by giving them access to education. Unfortunately, the cost of education in the region can be a major barrier for many families, with research indicating that up to 60% are unable to afford it. That’s why we’re dedicated to breaking down these barriers and giving children the chance to reach their full potential. When you support our cause, you’re directly investing in their education and the future of the region. So why not join us in making a difference and help pay for the cost of education in the Middle East today?”

We envision a world where those who suffer are reached and have their basic needs met, so that they can concentrate on lifitng their families out of poverty.